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Wedding Policies

Preparation for a Life-long Commitment

It is our desire that anyone using these facilities for a wedding know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as He is the only foundation for permanence in marriage. He is the third strand in a cord of three that can not be easily broken. Furthermore, the Bible makes it clear that a non-Christian should not be joined with a Christian because of the incompatibility of their spiritual lives. If either member of the couple is not a Christian, please talk about this first with one of our ministers before proceeding with marriage plans.

We believe marriage is a divinely sacred institution ordained by Jesus Christ.  It is a service of Christian worship that unites one man and one woman in covenant union for a lifetime.  We, as a church body, are committed to upholding this biblical view of marriage as our doctrinal standard for all one man and one woman couples who are counseled and wed at Vista Grande Baptist Church.

The traditional marriage vows include the recommendation that marriage should not be entered into lightly or unadvisedly. We agree. No marriage should begin hurriedly or without sufficient time to learn about each other and to study the characteristics or foundations of a lasting relationship. We strongly recommend that the engaged couple seek Christian counseling in preparation for a lifetime of commitment. This is required by our ministers. If a minister from our staff is conducting the ceremony he will coordinate premarital counseling and may conduct it himself. The counseling should be scheduled for completion four or more weeks before the ceremony.  

Finally, the pastor or any ministers of VGBC shall have the right to refuse to officiate any ceremony that does not adhere to their spiritual and moral convictions and values.  Our pastor and ministers adhere strictly to the Baptist Faith and Message (2000) as their doctrinal convictions standard.  These values, standards, and scriptural references are found HERE.

Our Wedding Policies Brochure is available to view and print as a PDF file.

Reservation of the Church

To reserve a wedding date, you must submit a Facilities Request and Addendum. These forms are available from the church office during regular business hours. There are two primary contingencies that must be met before a date will be confirmed on our church calendar. First, the minister to officiate for the wedding must be secured. Second, all dates for all functions must be reviewed by the staff to insure there are no conflicts with other ministry plans.


There are several dates that are reserved and for which a wedding will not be confirmed. Weddings will not be scheduled on Sundays or in conflict with other regularly scheduled church activities. They will not be scheduled on major holidays including Christmas day, Memorial and Labor Day weekends and Easter weekend. Vacation Bible School is one of our most important ministry activities, so weddings will not be scheduled on the weekends preceding or following VBS. If a church activity is already scheduled for the same weekend as the wedding request, it will not be moved to accommodate the request nor will a confirmed wedding date be moved for a church activity.


Three spaces are available for a wedding ceremony: the Worship Center, the Educational Wing, and the Prayer Chapel. Dressing rooms include Room 107 for the women and Room 136 for the men.

Two spaces are available for a reception and/or rehearsal dinner: the Fellowship Hall with adjoining full-size kitchen and the Youth Wing with a neighboring kitchenette.


We ask that the prospective bride & groom meet at least twice with our facilities manager and hostess chairman. The first meeting should be scheduled sometime in the first two weeks following confirmation of the wedding date. The second meeting should be scheduled no later than two weeks prior to the ceremony. This will help insure that all rooms to be used are properly set up and prepared and all needed supplies are on hand.

Elements of the Ceremony


If the minister is not a member of the VGBC church staff, he must be approved by our senior pastor and be a man of like faith and practice. Contact information for him must be provided in order to allow our senior pastor to set up a brief interview. A date for the use of our facilities may be confirmed after the interview, with the approval of our senior pastor.


We are dedicated to the worship of God. A wedding ceremony is intended to be a worship service, thereby, the music chosen for use in the ceremony should reflect the sacred nature of the place and event. Music that is not sacred in nature or designed specifically for use in the church must affirm the life long commitment required of marriage and the spiritual nature of the ceremony. A song celebrating only the physical or romantic nature of love will likely not be appropriate. We request that all music choices be submitted to the Minister of Music for approval. Recordings, particularly of contemporary artists’ music, are helpful. Music should be submitted two weeks prior to the ceremony, so that neither the Minister of Music nor the participants are pressed for time, if a song is not approved.


The wedding party is free to enlist the musicians of their choice. If an organist is desired, we recommend that our organist be consulted first. If an organist other than the church’s is to be used, then he/she must be approved by our staff organist. (See Personnel Fees below.)


Sound reinforcement is required when the Worship Center is used. We will schedule our staff and equipment to be used at the wedding. (See Personnel Fees.) Audio recordings are not made due to copyright issues.

Video display is also available using our equipment and staff. (See Personnel Fees.) We do not make video recordings at this time. If you wish to display video during the wedding, the prepared product must be supplied to us 10 days prior to the wedding to insure compatibility with our equipment. This will allow time for the wedding party to find a solution if the video product is not compatible.


All applicable fees are to be paid four weeks in advance of the wedding.

General Wedding Policies
The following activities are restricted or not permitted:

Alcoholic beverages are not to be supplied or consumed anywhere on the property.

Photography & Videography

In order that a photographer or videographer not become a distraction to the ceremony while “capturing” the moment, we ask that…

It is the responsibility of the bride & groom to insure that these expectations are communicated to those they choose to perform these functions on their behalf.

Facility Usage Fees
Church members are exempt.

Auditorium - $200
Fellowship Hall & Kitchen for Reception and/or Rehearsal Dinner - $100 each
Educational Wing for Wedding - $150
Educational Wing for Reception and/or Rehearsal Dinner - $150 each
Prayer Chapel (Wedding Only) - $100

Personnel Fees
All wedding parties are subject to personnel fees.

Organist: Rehearsal & Wedding - $150
Each Additional Rehearsal  (These fees are negotiable with the organist) - $50
Sound - $50
Video - $50
Custodial - $50

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