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Mothers of Preschoolers What is MOPS?

We believe that incubating hearts and giving just-because-hugs can change the course of history. That’s why we connect moms all over the world to a community of women, in their own neighborhoods, who meet together to laugh, cry and embrace the journey of motherhood. MOPS groups are rallying women to be more honest, to feel more equipped and to find our identity by journeying alongside one another.

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, and by preschoolers we mean kiddos from birth through kindergarten. We know it’s a little confusing so let’s just stick with “MOPS.”

We are moms, and we believe that better moms make a better world.

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VGBC Inclement Weather Policy:  We follow D20 school schedule, if there’s a delayed start or a cancellation, we won’t have a MOPS meeting.

MOPS Sick Policy: If you or your child/children have been sick or had any of the following symptoms within the past 24hrs before a meeting, please stay home.  (Hospitalized with 24hrs, a fever over 99.9, nausea or vomiting, rash, diarrhea, redness in the eye, nasal drainage that is NOT clear or a continuous cough)

Childcare Policy: We work hard to find loving and caring individuals, who have passed a Federal background check to care for our precious children.  We ask that as a courtesy, only nursing babies, under 6 months old be in the meetings.  

MOPS Calendar Policy Reminders


Coordinator:   Charity Weaver

Finance Coordinator:  Amanda Trim

MOPS Kids Coordinator:  Mary Rogers

MOPS Kids Co-Coordinator: Cindy Shirk

Publicity Coordinator:  Nicole Roeder

Hospitality Coordinator:  Tricia Kollars

Hospitality Co-Coordinator: Ashley Turman

Hospitality – Kitchen Angel: Jennifer Nix

Creative Activities Coordinator: Cheryl Parker

DGL Coordinator:  Rebecca Blanchard

Mentor Mom Coordinator: Jen Dale

2017-18 Mops Steering Team Craft Fair Application